Concertini Bacikin
"Concertini" Music for the ensemble
with Helmut Lachenmann
Konzerthaus Berlin, November 2015


Damir joined ensemble UNITEDBERLIN in the year 2009 with the CD/DVD production of Karl Amadeus Hartmans "Simplicius Simplicissimus". Since then, he was asked to play in numerous productions with the ensemble until the year 2014 when he became a permanent member of the ensemble. In 2015 the ensemble was chosen as Ensemble in Residence for Contemporary Music at the Konzerthaus Berlin under the artistic direction of Vladimir Jurowski. Some of Damir's favorite concerts were at the "Slow Wind" festival, Ljubljana SLO, Helmut Lachenmann's "Concertini" at Konzerthaus Berlin, Vinko Globokar's 85th birthday with three concerts of contemporary music, jazz big band and improvised compositions by Vinko Globokar at Villa Elisabeth in Berlin, Composer Workshops at the Music Academy in Weimar, MaerzMusik - NEW MUSIC FOR OLD MOVIES "Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie des Grauens" Film von Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (1922) mit der Musik von Michael Obst (2002) Christian Schumann, Leitung Kino Babylon, Berlin

Damir has been invited to perform as a soloist for Jeffery Cotton's "FIVE RUNIC SONGS" for solo trumpet and five instruments at the Konzerthaus Berlin in February 2017.

work in progress

"Leipzignoir 1914" contemporary music forum Leipzig, December 2014

Damir joined ensemble WORK IN PROGRES in the year 2012, premiering a solo piece for trumpet and electronics "PRISM" from Jakub Sarvas at Radialsystem V, Berlin. He participated in a few ensemble productions, such as Henri Pousseur's : "Votre Faust"- A variable opera for singers, actors, electronic music, and instrumental ensemble. The premiere was at Radialsystem V Berlin and was performed as a guest production at the Theatre Basel, Switzerland. Recently, the ensemble had a cooperation with Das Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik, Leipzig [FZML] working on two different productions.

-" THE 125 PARTY PIECES - in honor of John Cage"
European premiere on January 20th 2016 at UT Connewitz, Leipzig

In 2012, the Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [FZML] initiated the world's largest group composition - the 125 PARTY PIECES - in honor of John Cage. The piece, written by 125 international composers, premiered on October 17th 2013 in New York as a world premiere. For the European premiere of 125 Party Pieces in Leipzig, it was possible to invite the renowned ensemble WORK IN PROGRESS - BERLIN. With its director, Professor Gerhardt Müller-Goldboom, who is conductor and composer in personal union, the ensemble has an excellent leader for contemporary music. Furthermore, the concert was visually presented in cooperation with the specialists of Lumalenscape and neurat UG.

Premiere December 17th 2014

In coproduction with SWR and MDR the FZML developed a feature-length live radio play with 2 speakers and ensemble, that will consequently underline the richness of contemporary composing for that genre. The text LEIPZIGNOIR 1914 from the author Jan Decker artfully presents all conventional parts of a dramatic storyline. The storyboard centers round 4 young writers, who are revealing mysterious processes at Leipzig's fairground shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. A thrilling atmosphere around Freemasons is being established and offers a lot of inspiring moments for a composition process. With Moritz Eggert, Annette Schlünz, Caspar de Gelmini und Fabian Russ the FZML has chosen 4 artists who are completely incomparable concerning their tonal language, their artistic attitude and their working process. Each one of them will deal with the text making use of a complete liberty concerning form and content in arrangement. The 7 chosen instruments will move the audience back into the year 1914 which was full of musical and instrumental curiosities. Besides traditional instruments like oboe, trumpet and piano you can look forward to hear musical saw, nail violin, straw violin and heckelphon. The instrumentation is expanded by modern elements: also synthesizer, sampler and E-guitar can be used by the composers.


"Contemporary music and old Jewish songs- a concert tour true former and new Synagogs in Germany and Poland with new compositions from Amit Gilutz, Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari, Eres Holz, Sarah Nemtsov und Amir Shpilman."


Damir met most of the members of Zafraan ensemble while studying at the HfM "Hanns Eisler". The members of the Zafraan Ensemble are the musicians Damir cooperated with on a regular basis in different projects for new music, theatre, jazz and electro.

Some of the projects:

"Recital" (for Cathy) Luciano Berio
Dresdner Kunstfest, Albertinum, Dresden

"Passacaglia-Fragment" Alban Berg
Arrangement for ensemble Klaus Simon
Konzerthaus, Berlin


"Les larmes du couteau" Bohuslav Martinů
HfM "Hanns Eisler" Marstall Bühne, Berlin


By the recommendation from his Proffesor William Forman, Damir joined this group for the Igor Stravinsky's classic "Soldiers Tale" conducted by Julian Kuerti in the year 2007.
Performance took a place in Ballhaus Nanynstr Berlin and in Munchen.

some of the projects:

"Orfeo" Monteverdi, "Come as you are" Curt Cobain, "Mesecina" Goran Bregovic (arr Daniel Glatzel)
"The funeral" Damir Bacikin Orfeo's Brass Ensemble.
Herrenhausen Festival, Hanover

"Fremde Orte"

"Christmass oratorio" J.S. Bach

"Solders tale" I. Stravinsky
Ballhaus Nanynstraße, Berlin
"Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil" G. Grisey
with Vladimir Jurowski
Konzerthaus Berlin, November 2014