Symphony X Bacikin
"Symphony X" with Ari Benjamin Meyer's "Redux orchestra" & Tino Segal
K21 Ständehaus der Kunstsammlung NRW Düsseldorf, August 2014


The Disturbulence 3 is a set of contemporary musicians and composers interested in exploring the crossing of articulations and timbre that constitute instrumental performance. Using real-time audio processing based on purely analogue analysis modules, filters, waveshapers and a vocoder the articulation of the trumpet is forced onto a piano and the hammers of the piano start playing the trumpet. The dynamic of the performance thus stretches from indistinguishable unison of instruments to large contrasts in sound sources that are nevertheless linked, often beyond listeners capacity to conceive the connection. Compositions performed are made by all three members which diversifies the approaches of timbre and time organisation that the trio implements. The palette of musical sources is enlarged by the use of ethnic articulations and rhythms to achieve a connection with the traditions of the past. Spoken word and field recordings are another set of tools employed in order to broaden the musical context to embrace all that is audible. The ultimate goal of the trio is to untangle the crossed words and achieve a unison of elements by solving the puzzle which produces the illusion of distinction and separation in our world.

Piano: Misha Cvijovic
Trumpet: Damir Bacikin
Audio processing: Zlatko Baracskai


Founded in 2006, the trumpet and electronic due has emerged as an ambitious melding of organic and electronic sound. Experimenting with various improvisation techniques, the duo produced their first selftitled album in spring 2007. The sound paints a vivid audial soundscape.

Damir Bacikin- Trumpet & Piano
Nikola Jeremic- Sound Processing


JOSH GROBAN is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. His first four solo albums have been certified multi-platinum, and he was charted in 2007 as the number-one best selling artist in the United States, with over 22.3 million records in the nation. To date, he has sold over 25 million records worldwide.


Günter "Baby" Sommer (born 25. August 1943 in Dresden) is a German jazz drummer. He studied music in Dresden. He rose to fame in the GDR. He is part of the European free jazz avantgarde. He was part of the trio with Conny Bauer and Peter Kowald. He is now professor for drums and percussion in Dresden. The drummer and composer Christian Lillinger was one of his former students. The album Three Seasons "(HGBS 2014 with Michel Godard and Patrick Bebelaar) was awarded " Album of the Year 2014" by The New York City Jazz Record.

University Dresden

"ERSTBEGEGNUNGEN" with Gunter "Baby" Sommer - Technical university Dresden, January 2015

Matthew Herbert (born 1972), also known as Herbert, Doctor Rockit, Radio Boy, Mr. Vertigo, Transformer, and Wishmountain, is a British electronic musician. He often takes sounds from everyday items to produce electronic music.

Überjazz festival

"Überjazz festival" with Matthew Herbert, Hamburg, November 2015

Not many people can front a rock band, sing Górecki’s Third Symphony, lead a marching band processional down the streets of the Sundance film festival and perform in a baroque opera of their own composing all in a month’s time. But Shara Nova can. Her multi faceted career as My Brightest Diamond, which began with an acclaimed independent rock record, has reflected her journey into the world of performing arts. This Is My Hand, her fourth album, marks a confident return to rock music, one informed by her mastery of composition and a new exploration into the electronic.


Efterklang is an indie rock group from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in December 2000. The band has recorded four studio albums and are currently signed to the 4AD label, as well as their own record label Rumraket. In 2012, they released their fourth album Piramida to good reviews.